Friday, March 10, 2006

Spring Has Sprung!!!

Spring has Sprung!!!

Today the weather in the city reached into the low 70s and an entire city emerged from the Chrysalis of Winter. Coats, jackets, heavy sweaters were shed and bare blouses, shirts and dresses were on display.

As an FA, the first day of warmth as winter wanes is like my Birthday, Christmas, New Year, Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day all rolled into one, with nothing but gifts and grins all over the place. All those mysteriously large women bundled into shapeless outerwear have emerged. And each year I am convinced that many of the women have gained a substantial amount of weight over the winter because much of the clothing is deliciously snug and curve hugging.

Hips, Thighs, butts, boobs, bellies are all on display. Too short shirts fail to meet the overly burdened pants with the resulting bellies and love handles curvaceously presented like pristine plump oysters on the half shell.

I had the good fortune to have a luncheon across town, a walk of about half a mile each way. Leaving an extra few minutes so I wouldn’t work up too much of a sweat, since I am a fat man, I paraded to the luncheon like the proverbial kid in a candy shop with a roll of nickels(old proverb… new proverb, with his mother’s Platinum Amex card). I saw such sights that it was almost more than I could handle to continue walking diligently along my path and not slowing and stopping and turning … too much… as I saw wave after wave after wave of abundantly amusing eye candy. Women all sizes of large, from those with slender bodies but some serious booty, or average sized women with newly formed rolls of belly cascading over her pants’ waistline, to borderline ssbbws with thunderous thighs and boulder sized butts, to amazingly ample apples, pears and hourglass shaped ssbbws provocatively sashaying down the street, confidently proclaiming their power of positive self-adoration, to a few women of such size that the majestic stateliness of their liner-like passages made my knees weaken and my own gait stumble to match their regal strides.

After a rather delicious lunch… a prodigious prime rib, cooked to perfection on the edge between rare and medium rare, side orders of mushrooms, hash brown potatoes and creamed spinach, which followed a decadent caesar salad, and preceded a delightful selection of berries clinging defiantly to the whipped cream, I truly needed and enjoyed the ability to walk back to my desk. The prime rib was cooked to my liking and in addition to the succulence of the main chop portion of the prime rib, had substantial amounts of particularly tender and juicy meat hugging the foot long bone, the meat and fat along the bone crisped to a peak of flavor. The amazing selection of rolls, including an ethereal saltstick roll(a long torpedo shaped roll with a crisp exterior studded with salt and some other seeds like caraway along it carapace), rounded out the food. A bottomless supply of delicious iced tea and a double espresso with dessert made the entire experience complete.

On the walk back the internal warmth and satisfaction was matched and complemented by the passing kaleidoscope of humanity, including tourists, office workers and others. All manner of women in sizes were on display from anorexic on up to SSBBW like the diverse mass of life descending from Noah’s ark after the great flood receded. After three solid months of cold it really reinforced the miracle of rebirth which is exhibited each year as the Earth comes back to life after an extended period of apparent slumber. My eyes and brain were unable to separately catalog all the beauty on display, merely taking it all in…(reminds me of a line from Jungleland, a Bruce Springsteen song…

…Between flesh and what’s fantasy and the poets down here
Don’t write nothing at all, they just stand back and let it all be…

Bruce had it in a negative sense… but for me it was an overwhelming input of a positive type…

[Today]…. in …..Jung…le……..(bring up the sax and guitar….)..


Blogger emily pound said...

Spring has sprung here in T.O. too Huge, and I'm Born to Run ... :-)

I'm wondering ... while you were taking in the sights, what would you say percentage-wise were the bbws/ssbws compared to the thin/anorexic types? they claim that what ... 40% or maybe even higher ... of us women are a size 14 or higher. I honestly don't see that representation when I'm out walking. It seems to me that the ratio is more like thin 70/ big/30. Maybe because fatter women just prefer to stay indoors rather than go outside?

Your lunch sounded absolutely delicioso. Something that Tony Soprano would enjoy, come to think of it ... are you ready for Sunday? :-)

10/3/06 3:27 PM  
Blogger hugehugefan said...

The meal was delish, and yes the cuts of meat were sufficiently Flintsone-like to channel Tony S and the boys.

After my post on fat thighs I have been focusing on how many women have skinny legs which don't touch at all from the ground to where they join at the base of the hips and have been totally shocked what a significant percentage in Manhattan have this affliction. Not sure what the percentage is, but it clearly is a very significant portion of the population. Perhaps that's just the culture in Midtown Manhattan, but whatever the percentages the fat women were out in force today.

Today everyone who could was outside taking in the warmth and the smell of spring and the ability to walk the streets shorn of the winter coats.

10/3/06 8:51 PM  
Anonymous didgyreandgimble said...

isn't it wunnerful to know that us fat folk will be the ones to survive the next major famine???

4/4/06 3:41 AM  

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