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Oh to revel in the glory of a bountifully buxom belly. A tremendously tumescent tummy. A mountainously magnificent midsection. A gloriously gigantic gut. A supernaturally significant stomach. A prodigiously pronounced paunch. A galaxially ginormous girth. A world-class wonderful waist. An alp-sized amazing apron. Okay... you get the alliterative and assonant sense that I enjoy a big belly.

But bellies more so than most body parts can vary in size, shape and type more so than most body parts. The small little pot belly of a girl who is otherwise relatively slender, peeking out from above the waistband of her pants, perhaps only when she sits and it pooches out over her pants. The prodigious great single hanging belly apron proclaiming its presence up and down the front from under the breasts to the knees or beyond, and wider than the back at points so that from the rear its rounded sides can be seen extending wider than the back or even hips and legs. The double belly, having a horizontal crease at some spot, defining an upper belly projecting outwardly and the lower belly hanging out and down. The split lower belly, seemingly struck by lightning and divided vertically below the belly button into two monumental sections. The multi-rolled belly creating a sea of rolls of varying size and thickness. The super six pack, that upper belly, starting right at the lower portion of the breasts, seemingly growing ontop of the belly itself because there is more of her body that wants in on being belly. The belly apron, taking on a variety of shapes and sizes, often growing downwardly more on one side than the other.

What is it about a belly that’s so attractive? I have no idea, but I’ve found that my pleasure centers are wired to focus on a belly and the outwardly curving belly seems to trigger pleasure neurons and/or hard-ons with seemingly effortless ease.

I’ve found that my pleasure in the viewing is substantial regardless the size of the belly or the way in which it is presented.

Sometimes, a belly which is outlined with clarity by the tight fitting nature of the shirt or pants or dress can bring tears of joy to my eyes and similar emotions to the smaller head down below. Other times, the way in which a belly of some size is artfully camouflaged by its bearer in loose fitting pants with a long shirt can be equally exciting.

In the hidden case I can see through my intense concentration and application of my fertile imagination(as well as deep reserves of memory banks of other bellies of all sizes and shapes), the belly’s essence, though teased out by seeing only a scattering of points of reference. Often, the belly can only be seen in full stride, as the extension of the legs causes the belly to reach the limits of the pants’ size and its shape is briefly highlighted by the fabric. Often, it can be the way in which the woman walks, suggesting a very large, heavy and voluminous belly hanging downward though unseen.

In some ways I see myself as an explorer of inner space… finding hidden bellies of size and merit in much the same way that astronomers find black holes and new planets by the effects they exert on objects around them. When I find such new, hidden wonders I often am of several states of mind: happy that I’ve discovered a new belly worthy and wonderful to view; curious if I’m the only one who’s espied this hidden beauty; curiosity why its owner has gone to such lengths to hide her abundant charms; and sadness that she’s felt it necessary to hide that which I find so attractive.

Now, apart from the relatively small bellies which can be hidden with an overhanging shirt, in most cases no one is really fooled that the possessor doesn’t have a substantial belly, the only thing that is really hidden from view to the casual observer is the actual shape and positioning of the belly.

As is almost certainly true of many FA’s(I’d like to say all or almost all, but I just don’t know enough FA’s to go that far… suffice it to say I’ve never met a male FA and also never met any female FA’s who didn’t have a similar fascination with sightings), the catalog of sightings is one of the most wonderful things about being a FA in the wild (yet another reason to avoid immobility and confine oneself’s ability to see new people). Every time you venture out there is an opportunity that you will see an example of beauty. A new belly, an amazingly broad, round and enormous derriere, breasts of such size and shape and heft that they will linger in one’s memory banks for years, or, will keep for only a few hours or days.

As improbable as it may seem, I have a recollection of a belly sighting dating to the mid sixties when I was less than ten years old, of a woman who appeared at the time and in my memory as being impossibly huge bellied. In Colonial Williamsburg I recall seeing her first on the grounds where her belly was so big that it hung below her knees and I recall being mesmerized by the way it swayed as she walked. I saw her again the next morning at a restaurant where she was with her family, and my recollection was that she had three or four children and a husband and each of them passed any remaining food on their plates to her where she finished it off. When she got up from the banquette I recalled that they moved the table so she could get up and she waddled out with that belly again swaying as she moved. At the time my reaction clearly wasn’t sexual, but presaged my later interest in SSBBW’s. At this time, more than 35 years later my only recollection of the woman is her belly and a full multi-chinned face with blonde hair, but the impression made on me at that tender age was indeed quite significant.

Without much effort I can summon a variety of monumental sightings, though some are of much more recent vintage and are more completely filled in with details. I wonder if any of our readers can summon the biggest belly sighting any of them have had, and comment about it in as much detail as they can muster.


Blogger emily pound said...

Hi Huge,

I'm wondering what part of the female anatomy you will choose to focus on next ... above the belly and below the neck? :-)

The roll of fat that I have always had on my hips and never seem to be able to get rid of, no matter how hard I try, I have learned is called a "pannus". The surgical removal or reduction of it is called a "pannectomy" (sp?) While I have never gone that far and sincerely doubt I ever will, I confess I have had moments where I've fantasized about simply chopping it off with an axe .. quick, simple. Don't like pain though, so that would never work. :-) I remember I told a therapist about this fantasy of mine and she told me she thought it was sad, that it was like I wanted to annihilate a part of myself.

4/3/06 10:56 AM  

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