Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Where to?

The first posts that went up were like pent up venom(or pus in a pimple) that was ready to shoot out as soon as it was tapped. The later posts, which explored my preferences, were subjects which had been pondered over the last few decades. The last posts relating to feeders and my own thoughts, feelings and urges in that regard are hot button issues which had been under consideration over a long time and which were somewhat painful and self-intrusive to share.

And then, I took a deep breath.

First, I was shocked at the lack of anger, righteous indignation, bizarre misunderstood reactions to my apparent approval of some of the behavior that fits within the feeder umbrella. I still don't get it. Some have privately suggested that my posts were so long and too damned reasonable to really do much more than just nod uh huh or okay. But I don't buy this, because I've seen over the years the unreasonable and knee-jerk responses that otherwise rational FAs and BBWs have to the "Feeder" word... the F word? So, I've decided that apart from perhaps a dozen or fewer regular readers, nobody else has really bothered to wade their way through the piles of elliptically crafted words. After a bit of pouting I've decided that I can live with that since those whose views I care about are on board and do comment and share their thoughts on these issues.

Second, having decided that I'd said what I wanted to say and hadn't faced a shitstorm of responses painting me all sorts of shades of terrible I was put off my game.

Third, life came up and called me to task, limiting my free time to commune with the blog. Okay, in English... lots of work and then a small mini-vacation took me away from the computer.

Fourth, no single topic appeared to capture me and trip the light fantastic.

So, I pondered and waited. Did I have writer's block(or is it blogger's block). Has my blog run its course and become broken? Is there nothing more to say?

No, I think its just a matter of writing from the heart and the brain not being something which can be pumped out like links of a sausage. Also, I was sensing that the next posts would be relatively slender esssays and not the magnum opuses that had preceded them. So, expect a few posts in the next week on little issues, some which express wonder with SSBBWs, some that deal with my way of addressing the world, and some that will shine a bit of light on nuggets of beauty.

And no, I haven't abandoned the blog, so far its been too much fun.


Blogger SmartFatChick said...

I do look forward to more postings as I enjoy your blog and I was happy to see the latest entry. At the risk of bruising your already bruised ego (let's face it, you're still pouting that more people haven't commented on what you've written about the "F" word), I'd like to suggest that you take your blog to the forums at Dimensions, either referencing your Feeder entries or republishing them there (perhaps after a bit of editing). I think it would widen your audience amongst people who have a more vested interests in the topic at hand, and give you the kind of "shitstorm" reaction I think you are seeking or at least a more varied reaction from the folks who, IMHO, already have some opinions about this topic as well. And who knows, it might open up a general dialogue amongst FAs, Feeders and so on, to talk about it more and examine it more closely.

1/3/06 10:21 AM  
Anonymous annonymous ak said...

btw, one can only produce one magnum opus per lifetime by it's very definition... LOL Just thought you might like to know that... That might explain why you've had 'blogger's block'... Just kidding, just kidding.

I do have to admit though, that reading smaller pieces is a bit less overwhelming (and I meant that word, not underwhelming -- smile). So, I guess I had better take my own advice, wouldn't you say?

4/4/06 2:47 AM  
Blogger hugehugefan said...

Ah, Anon AK, I beg to differ with your correction. The term Magnum Opus actually has two meanings. One is a major work(the literal translation from the latin) and the other is an artists most significant work(where there can only be one). It would appear that your definition is more appropriate for an artist who has retired or died, because who is to know what the most significant work will be until the body of work is complete?

While smaller pieces are easier to deal with, often the pleasures of a longer piece more than make up for the extra effort required to get to the end. So, I do try to put some sense of control on my prolixity, but try not to sacrifice content on the altar of brevity. Nor should you!!!

5/4/06 10:35 PM  

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