Monday, January 30, 2006

The Sighting

A sighting. Something which is so characteristically FA. Walking to my public transportation this evening I was in the station and was walking along when it hit me. There was a shortish young woman.. estimated at about 5’3” or 4” and maybe early 20s. As I was nearing her on my way by I barely registered that she was on her cell phone and then she turned so she was in profile to me. At that point her bare belly bottom’s lusciously rotund hanging curve vaulted into sight. A relatively slender gal, not noticeably fat from the rear had a whopper of a belly, resting over her pants and belt and her too short shirt had slid up, the shirt hugging the front of her belly but exposing a perfectly rounded belly bottom which was surprisingly or almost shockingly ample. It was a smoothly round, triumphantly bulging little belly and the convex bottom came into view from a profile angle as she leaned back, shortening the back and lengthening the front, in mid cellphone conversation; and what came free from her pants and her upwardly mobile shirt was a solid four inch view of nascent belly, hanging out and down over her belt. She was either unaware or uncaring about or proudly displaying belly.

My eyes firing on all cylinders and brain locking the sighting in the memory banks fought to rapidly document any other info about this lass without staring or stopping. Blondish hair, shoulder length, medium build, no discernible bustiness.. the winter’s clothing hiding any more detailed view. As I turned to get on the transportation, I noticed out of the side of my field of vision sneakers and jeans, though she’d rotated away from me, and displayed not much of a butt.

Total time from seeing her to finish.. less than ten seconds. No discernible slowing of my tread, no significant craning of my neck as I passed by and no smile, grimace or other face contact. Not because I was avoiding her, but because she wasn’t looking at me and was too into her phone conversation to pay attention to the passing crowds.

But, it was a sighting and a nice one, not a “great one”. What a fortuitious event. Do I love her, want to meet her, etc. No. But still eye candy of the first order. She was not “my type” in the sense that it’s unlikely that she even weighs anywhere near 200 pounds. She’s probably half my age and we would almost assuredly have nothing in common. But, for a brief moment she passed into my orbit, like the moon creating an eclipse of the sun, and I noticed her, was rewarded by observing a thing of such heartbreaking beauty and sexual excitement that my humdrum commute was elevated. Was I driven to immediately find a way to release sexual tension, no, though it was a pleasant mental interlude.

The one thing that all FA’s seem to have in common is the concept of the sighting. Some, including me, still remember with vivid clarity sightings which took place decades ago. The big one that got away(poor fishing analogy) or the amazing wonders of creation and diversity. For some sightings and FA’s it is a woman of such size or shape or proportions. For other it’s the way a woman presents herself either by her dress, confidence, delight in being so sexy or beautiful. For others it’s a particular feature that drives the FA into fits of heavenly delight: a belly apron hanging to the woman’s knees, a bosom so full and heavy that it seems to occupy her entire front from chin to waist; hips so rounded, wide and ample as to take one’s breath away; or a pair of thunderous thighs, rubbing together to the knees or below and inducing a waddle so singularly hers. Yet others are enchanted by a woman’s eyes and smile set like diamonds and pearls among a face so preciously set in curves and surfaces of complementary harmony. For me, each of the above, at times fill my sightings catalogs.

The BBW’s and SSBBW’s are generally not very receptive to FA’s sharing the retelling of sighting, perhaps believing that the retelling is a way of comparing the woman to the sighting in some negative way. For me this has never been the case. The sighting is something that occurs reflexively and without prior thought by the FA, his non-verbal libidinal radar waking up and screaming “incoming”. In some sense I suppose it is a window on what turns his non-judgmental self on. But, if I am a test case, I find so much and so varied attraction that I seem to like much of what I see from relatively slender nymphs like tonight’s sighting on up to monumentally fat women in majestically elephantine movement. That doesn't define who I want to spend time with or form a relationship with, but it is a part of my being.

I call on FA’s to tell me what it is that causes you to trigger a sighting, if you know, and to share your sense of what your earliest sighting memory is. For me I can think back to some point before I was 7, though of course at the time I had no idea why my mind focused on a heroically fat woman and was amazed and dumbfounded, almost certainly staring at her for some time.

For the BBW’s and SSBBW’s please share your view of sightings by the FA’s and do you have something similar?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a SSBBW, I do enjoy hearing about these kinds of flashes. It's another way for me to understand the inner workings of an FA. I suppose it's the same for any man and whatever features float your boat, or raise the flag, whatever the case may be. :-) Also, I enjoy hearing it because chances are, there is an FA or two or 10 out there who saw me in public, and had this same kind of reaction...hubba, hubba.

As a woman, I don't think I experience this sort of phenomenon as much as a man does; although there are moments for sure. A bald man with a goatee and glasses usually gets my attention pretty quickly; although if he opens his mouth and can't put two words together, my interest instantly wanes. There are certain physiques that do it for me as well...Tall well-built guys, like Vincent D'Onofrio or Will Farrell. Sometimes it's a single feature, like the belly for you today, it could be the arms, or a really nice round ass on a white guy...well on any guy, but noticeable on a white guy cause that's pretty rare lol, a nice hairy chest like Alec Baldwin..all of these things can send that zing through my body, heating me up from the inside out. And that's a good thing, makes you feel alive and sexy.

Along the same vein, I also tend to notice couples when I'm out and about, and I usually try to picture them having sex. Actually first, I try to figure out what stage of the relationship they are in...first date...25th anniversary, night before the breakup. etc....but then I go on and picture them all hot and heavy with each other. Sometimes I'm envious cause it looks like they'd rival Mrs. O'Leary's cow as far as being able to start a fire. Othertimes, it makes me glad I'm single, and then other times, it makes me remember once again, that nobody on the outside of a relationship really has any clue about what's happening inside of it.

Anyway, bring on the eye candy! It never hurts to just look, and it can really help recharge your batteries. And I don't even mind if my fella (assuming I had one) got charged up this way, just as long as he brings it home to me.

30/1/06 8:28 PM  
Blogger hugehugefan said...

What a wonderfully colorful and articulate response. How full of zest, vim and joie de vive. Although the sighting is in the simplest sense a visual experience you highlighted the internal, mental aspects of our sexuality. The most erotic organ is the one that sits between our ears and yours is clearly in perfect pitch tune. Bravo.

31/1/06 5:51 AM  
Blogger emily pound said...

The only insight I can share from a BBW's perspective is that a man I was with recently, constantly kept using adjectives about my breasts that rankled me. He'd tell me I had "giant", "monumental", "mammoth" tits, and to me, this was anything but complimentary. I would have much preferred, "gorgeous", "voluptuous", "delicious" ... adjectives relating to size have always turned me off.

31/1/06 6:50 AM  
Blogger hugehugefan said...

Emily, your response is actually right along the lines of what I anticipated will be at least a plurality and perhaps a majority response from the ladies.

It sounds like this gentleman's focus was on the quantity rather than the quality of your charms. Having established for himself that the quantity of your ampleness met his standards of beauty he should have expressed his pleasure in your beauty in those terms rather than trying to convince you of the size of your bosom, which you carry around on at least a semi-regular basis.

31/1/06 8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with what Emily said about HOW an FA might compliment my curves. I don't want them quantified (going back to the numbers entry), but described in a more sensual tone...luscious, juicy, beautiful etc would garner a more appreciative response from me. My ex-bf once responded to the question of, "How does this sweater look on me?" with "It certainly highlights your terrain." He's not lived that comment down since, and fortunately, it was a comment he made about my terrain. lol

I think that FAs would better understand a SSBBWs perspective more when it comes to numbers and quantifying body parts, if they happened across a SSBBW who was also a SPA (small penis admirer). Imagine the duality of his reaction to her praising the petite-ness of his John Thomas. "Just how small is it?" She would ask. "I love it when a man has no more than 2 inches and one inch is even better!" How big is your cock? Four inches? Oh. Okay. Well...would you consider sitting in a cold bath for awhile as part of foreplay? I really just love seeing how small it can get."

On the one hand, he thinks he has hit paydirt, meeting a woman who, unlike 95+% of all other women, actually likes that his dick is so small, yet, it's a little disconcerting to hear her say, over and over again, Wow! It's soooooooo small! It's so cute and tiny! Look how sweet it looks, such an itty-bitty lil thing! I can't wait to just gobble you up!

In any event, it may take him a while to go from thinking, by society's standards, that his penis is too small, to thinking that it's just the right size.

*Disclaimer* I know the above scenario is hard to imagine, because most men, regardless of their penis size, are usually very proud of their bodies no matter what anyone else tells them about it.

31/1/06 8:50 AM  
Blogger emily pound said...

I couldn't agree more. :-) Well said, as always.

31/1/06 9:15 AM  
Blogger hugehugefan said...

Oh anonymous 2, how hilarious... I was sitting here at my desk and had to close the door because the enormous grin on my face as I read about the SPA wouldn't disappear. And how would I explain to my coworkers that I was laughing about men with vanishingly small penises(or would that be penii.. is it like fish where you only say fishes if there are different species.. or is penises a term which refers to a multi-membered male?). Anyhow, your analogy was very telling, as the great bulk of society harps on a fat woman's side as a total negative which is based on the numerical size.

One wonders if you've started a new trend or if there is already a group of women aroused by miniscule masculinity, with George Costanza, the Sheik of Shrinkage, the pinup idol for this group.

31/1/06 10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God, the list of sightings could go on for thousands of pages.

There are three that stick out in my mind:
1) That girl in my grade six class. She was huge, the first BBW I'd ever met (well, I guess in grade 6 she's a BBgirl?). I wanted to date her so bad, but... you know... peer pressure. Not to mention, what's dating in grade 6, holding hands!? She was well over 200 pounds.

2) This woman who was on the same subway as me for about 4 months. She always dressed impeccably, she had a HUGE diamond ring (i.e., she was taken, and by a rich (and VERY lucky) dude). She wasn't the fattest woman I'd ever seen, but her whole presense was incredible. I always tried to sit near her when I could, but never actually talked with her. She was probably around 220 pounds.

3) This one sticks out because it was recent. I went into Dairy Queen and there were three people eating together, a guy (maybe 150 pounds), his girlfriend (a bbw around 260 pounds) and their friend (a bbw around 280 pounds).

The 'friend' got into line behind me, and I heard the other girl say 'God, what's she getting NOW?'

All I could think is they'd been there a while, and would be there a while more.

1/2/06 1:27 PM  
Anonymous didgyreandgimble said...

I had a thought regarding the issue of 'quantifying' and 'qualifying'. What bothers me most about it is that 'quantifying' makes me feel like a slab of meat. You speak of a roast as huge, giant, etc. I am not a roast beef, I am a person, more than my parts. I also don't have tits; a cow has tits. I have breasts. This term again lifts me above and beyond my mere physical characteristics. I know others don't feel as I do. Even my older sister talks about her 'gut' and her 'tits'. I guess it is a personal preference. For me it more a matter of respect. Respect my body by referring to in kind and gentle terms, not as if I were a piece of m eat for someone else's pleasure. I do still reside in my skin after all. heh... as I reread this I can picture the hair rising on the back of my neck. I guess this is a pretty important issue for me.

4/4/06 1:58 AM  
Blogger hugehugefan said...

Ah Jabberwocky:

Your comments ring so true and deep to me. The difference between qualitative and quantitative comments is so much a Mars/Venus issue which divides the boys from the girls.

Many guys, including me, look at the world in quantitative terms before we look at the qualitative side. Most gals eschew the quantitative in favor of the qualitative. Particularly with respect to their bodies there is a cold ugliness which seems to reside in the soul of many women against the quantification of their physical plant. You expressed this sentiment wonderfully if in a thorny fashion. For us men it is important to satisfy our initial desire for the quantitative input while expressing our joy with the women we see and interact with in a qualitative language that they value and expect.

5/4/06 11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sam .. I loved reading this, as a larger lady I love when I am out and about and I catch a furtive glance and smile coming my way.. it makes my day, it makes me smile! it makes me grin and know that I am alive! lol
Often when I am out with my fella, he will point out another ssbbw/ bbw and we discuss the merits of her shape size etc.. lol or look at pics on the web, I make comments like I dont like that pic she looks sad while he drools over an amasing belly lol
As I am a feedee and he a feeder this links our passion... our love of fat and the amazing effect it has on our lives. A friend asked if I got mad that he looked.. my answer was he is a feeder.... its like a car enthusiast looking at the curves and lines of a classic car. To ask him not to look would be like asking him not to breathe!

26/5/06 3:10 PM  

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