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Known as breasts, tits, boobs, titties, chest meat, casabas, jugs, bosoms, bazooms, boobies, the girls, the boys, udders, flopdoodles, gazongas, hooters, headlights and thousands more(found at http://www.ariannaonline.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-14567.html), the female breasts have been and continue to be the source of more depressed IQ’s in guys than any other body part.

Also, apparently the source of a woman’s intelligence, since us guys tend to speak directly to the breasts, with our attention and bulging eyeballs anchored there as well. Never have I felt so stupid as when I have met an attractive woman with 4 sigma breasts and my usually lucid, crackling wit abandons me, my mouth suddenly feels like its been in the Sahara for a few weeks and my nimble tongue suddenly turns to lead.(4 sigma refers to the concept of standard deviation, which sigma is used to represent and 4 sigma refers to a woman who is four standard deviations larger than the mean. Okay, we’re talking a woman with some serious hooters who is bigger than all but maybe 5 gals in 10,000).

As obsessed as many men, and I include myself in this group, are with women’s breasts, I often think that women are as obsessed with their own breasts and those of other women as the men are. Of course they don’t react like the boys, with the blood leaving the big head on top and making a beeline for the smaller head on the bottom, but they clearly do react. In my experience I’ve never met a woman who is satisfied with her breasts. And this experience encompasses women from relatively small and flat chested on up through the alphabet of B, C, D, DD, G, K, MM and bigger. This includes women who are traditionally busty, super busty, bbw’s with average/proportional breasts and very large breasts and ssbbws from relatively tiny on up to mountainous breasts. The litany of complaints from the women runs the gamut of size(too small, too big), firmness(too firm, too wobbly, too soft, spongy), hang(too droopy, hangs to the center, hangs to the sides), shape(too long, too wide, too thin, too fat, too uneven), the size, shape and location of the areolae and nipples, and the difficulty of getting a good fitting bra.

I must confess that I’ve never met a breast I didn’t really enjoy. If given my preference I would opt for a woman with enormous breasts that require two hands to properly handle even one of the breasts, and in my experiences with such exceptional breasts I have truly considered myself blessed to be in the presence of such pulchritude. The memories cause my hands to twitch, replaying the rapturous events in the theater of the mind.

But, I have been enchanted and completely satisfied, with all breast neurons stimulated with women with more modest sized breasts, from very soft B’s through C’s, D’s, DD’s on up. And on a ssbbw, even a relatively flat chested gal still has lots of breast to fill one’s fingers and hands and mouth with joy.

I’ve heard so many people talk about the ideal breast, but I find this sort of a discussion of little interest to me. First, because I revel in so many different types of sizes, shapes, etc. Second, and more importantly, if taken as part of a real relationship(as composed to copping a feel in a public place… not something recommended), we’re talking about something which may be eye candy to attract one into the relationship, and when one gets to the point of actually enjoying a sexual event, only part of the mix. Third and most important.. we’re talking about breasts which are a part of a woman’s body, not some detachable item that one can discuss and grapple with apart from the bearer of the breasts. When talking in general about breasts this third point is generally ignored.. but in the real world it is the most important point … the breasts are one (or perhaps two) components of a full package. And, if one’s focus is only getting one’s hands and mouth all over just the breasts and ignoring the rest of the package, that’s okay for fantasy and discussion, but not okay when one attempts to convert the fantasy to reality.

To further muddle the picture… no discussion of breasts could be complete without discussing the nipples and the areolae which surround the nipples. Nipples are so often like a hotline to the Oval Office, with a flick or lick the ship of state is geared for action. The diversity in size, shape, textural feel and responsiveness and growth when stimulated of nipples is truly astounding. And, wiling away the time watching the rings of the areolae stiffen and rise as ones fingers orbit the nipple is both arousing for the lady and for the man watching the boob biology in action. Those fingers are twitching yet again, remembering past pleasures.

So, I lift my cup(cups?) and say a toast to one of the great creations in this world… two hearty cheers for breasts.


Blogger emily pound said...

Hurray for breasts! :-) Well Huge, you have now met one woman who is satisfied with her breasts. I'm about a 44DD now, but my breasts have varied in size from a max of about 48DD to maybe 34DD, when I lost a lot of weight a few years ago. But for the most part, they have been this size, and they have always been an intrinsic part of me. I'm the one with the big boobs you can't miss. I've lost jobs because of my breasts. Met lots of men because of them. And I love my girls. They are soft, sexy, delicious, erotic, tasty, horny and very very loving. They may droop a little now, due to the effects of time and gravity and much manhandling, but that's okay. They're still gorgeous. They still give me so much pleasure and are still often an entree to all kinds of experiences I wouldn't have otherwise. I should really wear a gold bra, that's how special they are to me. :-)

8/3/06 4:49 AM  
Anonymous annonymous ak said...

okay, now it is my turn for that cold shower... I think you got through to my inner lesbian (don't tell anyone I have one, okay??? LOL)

4/4/06 3:44 AM  
Blogger hugehugefan said...

Emily I'm so pleased that you're not only comfortable with your breasts, but proud of them and the positive attention they've garnered for you. So many of your sisters with ample bosoms are either embarrassed, sick of, ashamed or anxious to destroy their wonderful bodies. And, many of your sisters not so magnificently mammaried do not understand that the absence of such largeness on their chests in any way diminishes their attractiveness, sexiness or worth.

My goodness.. just because many guys are obsessed with large breasts and are unable to strip their eyes off them doesn't make those without such magnetic mammaries inadequate or less than womanly. If a guy is only obsessed with a woman's breasts and the rest of the woman's body and brains and personality are at best secondarily or tertiarily interesting.. he's no catch worth having.

5/4/06 10:23 PM  
Blogger hugehugefan said...

Anon AK:

Welcome to the blog. Wow. your comment raised goose bumps on my arm and caused me to re read the post to see what triggered such a reaction. Well, I couldn't figure it out, but I'm glad it touched you in such a personal and erotic fashion.

I've known for a long time that the most erotic organ on a person lies between their ears and I'm glad yours is working full time and with gusto. More power to you.

5/4/06 10:25 PM  

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