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The Thighs Have It

The Thighs have it

I love women with fat thighs. Everything from thighs which are slightly plump in a way that when the gal walks away I can watch a small portion of her upper thighs in pants rubbing as she walks on up to a magnificently fat thighed woman who needs to walk with a wide waddle, her thighs all the way down to her knees, and perhaps beyond in permanent contact and apparently violating the law of physics which prohibits two bodies from occupying the same space at the same time.

Walking in the city, as a part of my daily commute and at lunch time I often see women of all sizes and shapes on the street and in the train station. And, unless its the dead of winter and they're wearing an ankle length fur coat or parka style jacket below the knees, walking behind a woman going my way is often like heaven on earth.

The sexy woman with very full hips and thighs, wearing those lovely blue jeans, the inner portions worn white from the rubbing on each step, the full inner thighs, like twin crescent moons, caressing each other and sliding on by. A hypnotic, mesmerizing show in two part harmony. Often, as I cruise on by this wonderful sight or some other I will see a woman who's face and body, apart from the view from behind, is pedestrian and not worth a second look... but oh that amazing thigh dance.

The enormously huge woman, wearing the stretch leggings, her thighs a serious multidimensional explosion waiting to happen, each thigh 50 inches or more around, with a collection of hugely enlarged bulges, like a treasure sack filled with nothing but enormous golden eggs, each thigh bigger around than a strong man's chest. Her pace slowed to accommodate the substantial effort each stride requires can be a moment of Eden in the land of Cain. Of course a woman with thighs this large is generally also the possessor of other ssbbw delights. However, its not unusual for a woman to be much much bigger in her thighs and legs than in the rest of her body. Of course, a woman of this shape often also includes hips and butt which jut out and move in a fashion which can mesmerize an FA on its own. There have been days when I've seen such a vision of loveliness ambling along either alone or with a friend or significant other and try to imagine myself alongside her, slowing my walk to match her deliberate pace, perhaps a hand resting lightly on her shelf or around her waist(unless her size and pace require such significant side to side movement that contact would interfere with her gait). There have been days when I've walked with women of this size and shape and those days are burned deeply into my memory banks, always available for idle replay in the theater of the mind. Those replays never cease to bring back the sense of wonder, joy and arousal that the original event created.

However, a woman's thighs need not be that large, objectively, to make the attraction sizzle. One of my earliest FA memories after seeing a collection of proud fat women together at a Naafa event, some of whom were wearing pantyhose in sizes made for their ample legs, was a fellow FA confiding in me that the slight buzzing sound we heard as several passed was known as "hose hum", a sound which is anything but ho-hum to me. Now, whenever I hear this sound, of the layers of pantyhose from each leg rubbing against the other, I smile back to that time and wish I had someone to share that happy thought with. Now I do!!!

The saddest sight for me, in recent times was seeing a woman walking along and recognizing that her two legs never touched at any point, all the way to their point of connection with the hips. A woman who was not by any means anorexic or concentration camp thin, this woman had toothpicks rather than legs. I grieved for her at the emptiness of her shape.

This touches on another point.. probably not directly related to thighs, but it struck me now. There are many women, primarily very slender women, who in my eyes almost certainly look much better in clothing than out of it. This experience has been acquired several times over the years either when I have been subjected to viewing such a woman as she removed her clothing(usually when a male friend felt the need to show me pictures of some female acquaintance of his in a bathing suit or nude pics--you might ask why a man would share naked pics of someone he cares about with another.. and I agree with you.. its pretty repulsive, but in the cases where it happened it snuck up on me before I realized that the pictures were actually nudes and not just bikini type pics) or when I try to imagine what a particularly skinny woman would look like without clothing. The first times it was really shocking to me how model type women who actually looked pretty okay in clothing looked uncomfortably gaunt, skeletal and bony without clothing.

The shocking thing for me is how I've never found this to be the case with fat women. Many fat women look incredible in clothing, particularly if the clothing emphasizes or highlights some attractive feature of their bodies. I've never seen a picture of a fat woman sans clothing look repulsive or uncomfortable. I might not be particularly attracted to the woman, but the body is attractive nevertheless. The presence of sagging flesh, stretch marks or odd folds and creases represent real life and while perhaps not something that someone would want to share with the general public, it in no way diminishes or takes away from a fat woman's physical beauty.

I wonder if any other FAs have found the same sort of repugnance in skinny women, who look palatable in clothing, but offensively unattractive without clothing. I also wonder if this sort of reaction is what many fat women experience when dating non-FAs who are able to tolerate their bodies when appropriately attired, but not when they are undressed. Hmmmm this sounds like something requiring further thought.

Enuf for now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I see a skinny woman, either clothed, unclothed, or some state in between... I mentally fatten her.

I wonder what she'd look like with an extra 20, 30, 100 pounds. My imagination wanders around, would she be top heavy? Bottom heavy? Would she enjoy it? Flaunt it? Hide it? Appreciate my attention?


3/3/06 7:33 PM  
Blogger emily pound said...

Hi Huge,

What a great post! If you only knew how many pairs of jeans I have had to throw away because of the holes that had accumulated on the inner thighs from the constant rubbing-together ... drives me nuts.

"Hose hum" :-) I love that. I always thought of it more as "hose swish" but maybe you guys have that extra receptivity or sensitivity to it.

How nice to hear that you and some other men out there actually think that thin women look pretty unappealing and repulsive naked. Wish I could say that you were in the majority there.

I have always felt more comfortable in clothes than naked. Your comment about guys being fine with a larger woman when she's clothed but then have a change of heart when they see her naked, hit home with me. That has happened to me so many times.

And here I sit, chomping on piece after piece of baclava. God, it's good! :-)

4/3/06 7:31 AM  
Blogger hugehugefan said...

My imagination works in slightly different ways. When I imagine someone fatter than they are I put the extra where I'd like to see it. So, I can make them bottom heavy, top heavy, middle magnificent or extremely oversized all over. And, being master of my own imagination I've never met a woman of my private making who didn't appreciate my attention if I deigned to give it.

Of course sometimes the imagination often contemplates the growth happening while the woman is wearing the same clothing so the growth is more evident.

But, generally, the enjoyment for me is in observing and enjoying what my eyes see. That doesn't mean that I would actually like to be with all the beautiful women I see, because being with a woman requires an entirely different set of features than eye candy.

4/3/06 7:40 PM  
Blogger hugehugefan said...

Baclava baby... mmm sweet and tasty, just like you....

But seriously, no one else can really enjoy your beauty unless you accept your own beauty. If you feel that you are less than attractive yourself, ultimately no one else will be able to convince you of how they feel.

4/3/06 7:43 PM  
Anonymous girlygirlsherrie said...

Hello Huge,

I have to laugh to about that also emily pound with your comment on your jeans! Being a SSBW myself I have long pasted the rubbing of my pants (no jeans get past my knees)and that section of my thighs where constantly the material would rub forming un-repairable holes. I now where my pants and they stay soft in my fat massive inner thigh area as I waddle along.
I could not imagine not having my thighs touching each other. I love my soft inner fat. I call it my purest fat!

I love to be unclothed and am whenever appropriate.. that is Naked.. hee hee! Clothes are nice for public or when needing to be worn.

Am I ashamed of my being fat? NO!

Do I love me? YES!

If a guy is not comfy with me unclothed it is not my issue it is his. So he moves on. Typically for me that would come out long before that point of possible uncomfortableness for him. The world has all sizes, shapes, and colors. We live in such a diverse section of the world. With as many differences out there we are all in luck to finding that special someone... finding friends... finding encouragement or chat or whatever we may be in search of.
This is my thought:)

Beauty does begin with having the Confidence and Love of your ownself inside and out.

JiggleyJingles / Girlygirlsherrie

2/4/06 4:32 PM  
Blogger hugehugefan said...

Jiggly jingles

Welcome to my blog. I am heartened that you found the post relevant to your experience and moved you to share your viewpoint.

I can't imagine many true FA's objecting to your preference for nature's covering in lieu of the artificial skins we cover our own skin with. When one is as large and shapely as you several things, apart from your personal preference add to the attraction of going sans clothing. One is the heat factor.. almost all fat folks, myself included, tend to overheat and sweat more with even moderate activity and the absence of clothing allows the sweating function to work as intended, the moisture evaporating and serving the cooling function nature intended, and not trapping the moisture in the garments and keeping it against the skin. Second, when one gets as large as you, or even me, the two dimensional clothing rarely moves very efficiently with the shifts in our bodies three dimensional shapes as we stand, walk, sit, lie down. This has the effect of causing clothing to be caught in folds, cutting off circulation and perhaps ripping due to the stress to which it is subjected. Also, big bellies and thighs tend to be squeezed like sausages in casings in various positions, like sitting down.

You can hang without clothing with me anytime you'd like. By the way, I think I'm free anytime.....


2/4/06 8:23 PM  
Anonymous annonymous ak said...

fan, you would like it in Seattle in the winter. It never gets cold enough to need those fur-type coats (which is a good thing as I might have to go rip it off of her... LOL) or coats down to the sidewalk. Most of us wear winter 'jackets.' This year it got down to just below zero for the first time in about 20 years.

Regarding your comment about needing to enjoy one's own beauty before someone else can enjoy it: don't discount the power of being loved from the outside healing the years of pain and hurt on the inside. I've seen it happen many times. Sometimes self love just needs a little nudge to bloom.

4/4/06 3:52 AM  
Blogger hugehugefan said...

Anon Ak

How true your comment about self love needing a bit of a push to blossom is. And, how appropriate on the cusp of Spring that your comment bloomed.

Although others can help the process along it can't bear fruit or flower unless the inner self love is germinated, nurtured and protected from within.

So, how were you affected by or related to the theme of fat thighs? Are you the proud possessor of such a delightfully dimpled duet of thighs?

5/4/06 10:31 PM  

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