Thursday, March 30, 2006

... on a Northbound train....

Sitting on a northbound train, sharing a two seat opposite two seat grouping with a very substantial gal who must easily weigh at least 450 pounds, perhaps more. Her face has the someone mottled and flushed coloration that some fat folks have, her nose, in a thinner person would be a very substantial aquiline nose, but here it is a straight line surrounded by many curves. When I came, late for the train, most of the two person seats were occupied. And all of the three person seats,.. which are nice for a fat person to sit in with only one other person, because the middle of the three seats is rarely attempted unless the train is REALLY crowded (and I’m not suitable for a middle seat unless I can be fairly certain that the two people on the window and the aisle are together and will likely slide in from the aisle to sit together, giving me the prime aisle spot), were fully occupied by two people. By the doors on this older equipment are two pairs of two person seats facing each other, which is generally less comfortable than the single rows which face the back of the row in front of them.

But this gal was sitting regally in the aisle seat of the pair facing forward and the door, the two seats opposite her untaken. This wasn’t so odd since with her very substantial belly, her trunklike legs were splayed so that they occupied almost ¾ of the width of the seats facing her, her width on her seat even with her arm sticking out beyond the end of the seat on the aisle side extended across better than a third of the adjacent seat without counting her arm. Since the seats have no internal dividers she sat comfortably, occupying seats intended for four when there were virtually no seats available on the train.

Being a big fella myself I had figured out that my choices were limited, either squeeze into a middle seat of a three seater or park myself caddy corner across from her. As I eyeballed my choices, it became clear that the seat with the fat lady was the winner, even if my legs would be squashed and perhaps she would be slightly discomfited by having to try and squeeze her legs closer together.

As there is no rack for bags or coats above the end seats I had to put my case and coat down next to me as I squeezed in.My legs which are also fairly substantial and belly which is rather protuberant, were a bit tight. But the view was well worth the price. Sitting here in the corner, with the side wall biting into my right leg, I see her sitting there, trying to keep herself as snug and compact as possible. A man who must be her husband sits across the aisle from her, comfortably seated. She’s sitting there with her right hand gripping the fingertips of her left hand which is flattened against the top of her broad and deep belly. Her chin is buried in a large band of flesh which continues straight down from her face without any narrowing on the sides and forms a second chin under the main chin. But its not a chin in the sense that it hangs, but rather like her neck has swelled up to fill the space between her shoulders where it starts and her ears where it ends, and the chin has somehow gotten in the way. Whenever she turns her head or looks down the chin digs into the neck band, causing it to spread out and around the chin.

She’s wearing a sleeveless dress of imperial purple over a long sleeved knit shirt of a lighter purple shade. Around her neck is a necklace formed of cubical green and orange stones, perhaps jade and some semiprecious stones. The dress has a rounded front to show perhaps a hint of cleavage, but the long sleeved shirt, which has a turtleneck collar prevents that. The collar is big enough to comfortably contain the massive neck. Her upper arms are large but not particularly so relative to her overall size and her lower arms and hands are relatively small in comparison. Her breasts are quite modest in size and sit on either side of her chest closer to her armpits, pushed there by the top of her belly.

Ah, the belly, it was the first thing my eyes espied when I came down the aisle and it is a thing of beauty and supersized scale. It appears from the view I have to be a single belly without a horizontal break running vertically from the bottoms of her breasts down below her solid thighs in the middle, and squeezed into a roll of substance on either side atop the upper thighs. Across her belly is probably at least six inches wider than her shoulders and her hips are lost below the belly. Now as I take stock she’s shifted her hand and has now moved the left hand over the right hand, which is pointed down and reaches almost her belly button, visible as a small indentation in the taught belly covering fabric. As the train shifts as it rolls on down the tracks I can see the belly shaking and shimmying more than the rest of her.. as the very soft and heavy belly reacts to the shaking of the train. Despite the way in which her belly is tightly encased in the dress like a sausage, the belly will not be stilled. As the train has moved on I have noticed that her legs periodically slide outward and then when she notices it slides herself back against the seat and tries to slide them together. With a small glance I see that her back is also extraordinarily fat, the back of the dress with very huge opening for the arm under the shoulders is pressed out with a mountain of flesh . The back is filled out keeping her shoulders a good six or eight inches from the seat back.

As the train rumbles to the first stop, where I will be getting off, I ask for the train gods to make my stop hers. And, prayers answered, several minutes before we arrive she slowly elevates herself to her feet, her belly shifting and finding its place under the tentlike dress she wears. I notice that she has fat feet, no huge surprise and very large ankles, but the dress comes all the way down blocking any view of her legs above the ankle region. As she stands there and reaches over for her coat, sitting next to her on the seat, I see she is quite tall, perhaps 5’8” or 5’9” and her belly sticks out a good foot or more and is majestically wide and low seated, and I adjust my weight estimate upward to at least 500 and perhaps 550 pounds. After she’s put on and buttoned her coat, she daintily picks up a small bag which seems to have something with almost no weight. The bag is so dwarfed by her size that its almost bizarre. Her husband across the aisle has readied himself and as she shuffles out to the aisle and toward the door he tries to be the gentleman and carry the light bag. She shoos him away and as the train comes to a roaring stop, her belly, even through the dress and coat sways precipitously. But she doesn’t lose her footing or balance and she slowly waddles off the train.

So ends the tale as she turns right toward the elevator and I turn left to the nearest staircase.


Blogger emily pound said...

Hi Huge,

You know, your post was so evocative that I could actually see you on that train disguising your ogling behind your newspaper while your eyeballs went meandering sneakily all over the place ... :-)

Try not to make it so long between posts next time. I'm jonesing for more HugeHugeFan posts!

31/3/06 1:16 PM  
Anonymous MissStacie said...

Yes, I too, can picture that trainride in my head! very nicely written and descriptive, a true FA quality.

Nice to see the admiration is respectful and "like a stalker" It's always a pleasure reading your work..

31/3/06 4:35 PM  
Blogger DeCecco9 said...

Excellent. Wish I was there for the viewing. :)

1/4/06 11:02 AM  
Blogger hugehugefan said...

For those of you who are curious and find the details too numerous and too close for comfort, here's a view behind the veil. I was sitting on the train with my laptop computer balanced on one of my legs. Alas, being as big as I am, my legs just won't fit closely enough together to allow my "laptop" to sit on my lap.

So, I sat there typing away, periodically looking up to capture a new element or view. Thought you might be interested. And no.. no eyeballs sneakily meandering around behind a newspaper. Yikes.. I'd have to wear a flasher's raincoat with that approach. I do not think I made the pretty lady uncomfortable apart from forcing her to cede some of her space to me.

1/4/06 12:19 PM  

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