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Fat is Where its At, Part II

Well, here comes part II of the last entry. It took more time than I had expected to get back to it, but now I’m ready to rumble. The first part brought us to the cusp of the difference between BBWs and SSBBWs in my eyes. When a woman reaches SSBBWdom something seems to happen to her body which liberates it from the general toolkit which is used for her smaller sisters. Like an extended edition of a software package which has additional features or functionality, a SSBBW has parts and curves not found on others.

A brief catalog would include the belly apron, fat rolls on her back, a section named by some as the change purse(formed by multiple rolls of fat which create a cavern in the central buttock somewhat like the type of coin purse which is formed of plastic and is opened by squeezing its sides to widen the gap in its center), the pulkees (perhaps a Yiddish term – representing the ultra soft bulging pillowy flesh residing above that additional crease in the extreme upper thigh of a heavy thighed woman), the uber-abs (my coined term, as far as I know it, for the smaller belly above the belly and under the breasts which almost looks like a super size version of the six pack abs of a body builder), the division of the lower belly below the belly button into two distinct sections, the growth of the pubic mound into a full grown underbelly, the hang of the upper arm over the elbow (creating the famed, in some circles, elbow dimple), the hang of the thighs over the knees(often only on one side, rarely all the way around the leg), and the chankles (a/k/a chubby ankles in which the lower leg of a lady is expanded about what is usually the ankle so that there is no narrowing and often a widening of the leg right ontop of the foot), "the shelf" (that overtly abundant extrusion of the upper buttock which climbs and extends backward in a way that allows one to rest one’s hands or even beverages on the lovely lasses buttock without fear of falling unless, of course, she starts to move in which case all bets are off). I could go on, because this merely touches on some of the more well known and observed special parts usually only found in SSBBWs.

Of course, as women grow beyond the 500s their bodies begin to develop in other ways, having so much additional material to work with. However, as my interest starts to wane beyond this point I will not focus on these truly unique women some with dimensions extending into triple digits on all three of the normal dimensions(bust, waist and hips) and occasionally even the thighs. While these women are truly amazing in their size and shape, mobility at this size is generally limited to movement of arms and perhaps legs in a bed setting, with anything more than that only possible with hoists, lifts or teams of hardy aides. Surprisingly, a non-trivial number of women and men seem to be able to continue to grow in size until they exceed 700, 800 or even a 1000 pounds. In many cases they are not seeking to grow to such sizes but have become overcome with their "love" of food to the extent that their every waking moments are occupied with eating. One doesn’t inquire about what happens on the other end of the human log factory. In any event.. perhaps more discussions about women at this Marianna Trench deep end of the gene pool will be left to another entry.

So, back to my SSBBWs. I have always been a connoisseur of women with distinctive shapes, whether abundantly bosomed, behemothically bellied, humongously hippy, profoundly pearshaped or ultra hourglass shaped. Often, a woman with relatively smaller parts and one magnificently large part can arouse lustful feelings more significant than a larger women with more balanced features. Like many FA’s I can still remember significant "sightings" of women going back to my earliest memories. When I have these memories it is almost always related to the relative proportions of a woman more than the sheer magnitude of her size.

It would probably a good time here for me to discuss the difference between me finding a woman strikingly attractive and beautiful. While fat women are known universally as BBWs or SSBBWs, the word beautiful is nested within both of these acronyms. Many of these women of size, as with their smaller compatriots are anything but beautiful. Beauty, in my eyes is something that is beyond physical size and shape, and related to many other things, including the frequency, comfort with, and wattage of smiles, personality, intelligence, interests, compatibility and a sense of humor. I, would, naturally be lying if I were to say that the physical appearance, of which size, shape, texture, hair color, eye color, shape of the belly button and hair style are merely a few of the markers, were unimportant. Beauty is too broad a concept to be generalized and too specific and different for each person to give guidance beyond one’s own sense of what beauty is for them. Like the definition of pornography set by Justice Potter of the Supreme Court, the definition of Beauty has no bright line tests but... we know it when we see it.

The discussion of my attraction to SSBBWs is thus focused on my strong physical preference for women of this size, but this preference must not be divorced from the larger urgency in finding a partner, whether for a short term free love (a/k/a casual sex) relationship or a long term committed one or something in the middle. In a sense the discussion is focused on one component of that which attracts men to women and vice versa. However, among us FA’s and the BBWs and SSBBWs that we are inexorably drawn to there is a special significance to this factor. For the women the significance is more obvious... they are fat at all times, unable to shed a fat suit and magically disappear into "normalcy" as a skinny gal. No one can be confused that they are anything but fat. Someone having a relationship with them will always be marked as going out with the fat chick. For the guys its easier in some ways and more difficult in others. Its easier in the obvious way.. If the guy isn’t fat himself, he can disappear into the normal world without appearing to be a FA He can blend in in a way that a fat woman never can. But in the other sense.. much like gay folk, the FA can lie to others but he can never lie to himself ultimately that it’s a fat woman that makes him whole and floats his boat. So, he can stay in the closet like the gay folk do, or he can come out in the sunshine and adore in public the women he finds so attractive. It took me some time to wrestle with my feelings through my college years until I was confident in what I was, a FA, and what I wanted, a beautiful fat woman.

I think this is more than enough musing for now. There are many more subjects which have suggested themselves in this orgy of words, but I will leave them for another session.

Again, your comments and thoughts and suggestions, criticisms and desires are earnestly solicited.


Blogger emily pound said...

Your appreciation of larger women is so profound. You have obviously spent a lot of time musing on the dips and curves and valleys of so many of us. When did you first realize you were attracted to larger women? And have you always been attracted, exclusively, to larger women? Never found any of the "supermodel" or "bikini babe" types appealing at all?

I'm a larger women, and my taste in men has always run towards the rugged, masculine, hairy-chested, rusty-voiced types. Their size doesn't seem to matter, although strangely enough, I haven't had much experience with larger men. As long as a guy looks at me with that caveman gaze, I'm gone. :-)

I wonder where we acquire these preferences from. Are they from our childhoods, or just come about naturally from some unknown source?

10/1/06 4:17 PM  

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