Friday, June 09, 2006

A Day in the Life… of an FA

A Day in the Life… of a FA

Today was another day in the life of an FA. Coming in on the train in the morning, waking up slowly getting a comfortable seat on the train, picking the aisle seat of a two seater so I could spread out with my bag next to me, no one likely to ask to sit between me and the window, watching the few regular BBWs who ride the train wander by on their way to their seats.

Getting off the train at Grand Central Station, and watching the passing humanity rushing off the train, the stream of hurrying humans on the platform merging into the terminal traffic.. the speedy folks, the leisurely group and the slow of gait either as a result of age, injury or size. My eye out for the ssbbw with the very busty figure who hurries so that she is at the pace of the less leisurely commuters, the sexy pear gal who always wears the skirts that show off her shifty shelf which sweeps up and down on each stride, the very bellyicious older woman who moves more slowly as each step jiggles her substantial belly apron.

In the main area of the Terminal, with people coming from at least 16 directions, the flow of people as I cross the double football field sized space is legion, often including large tour groups. It is a rare day indeed when that 45 second trip across the great open space doesn’t bring me in view of many bbws and ssbbws. Even though I often cross that space at almost precisely the same time each day it is indeed rare that I see the same people more than once.

As I make my way through the corridors of the terminal to the street, I pass hundreds more people walking either along with me, toward me or at an angle. Again there are more bbws and ssbbws of all sizes and shapes. With the weather warm, no one is wearing a coat and the sightings are easy.

For some reason I have finally started to notice an increase in fatter folks this year. Over the last few years there were still so many incredibly skinny people in Manhattan it was disconcerting. While there are still many, there seem to be ever more women who are sporting at least a few extra pounds. Fewer women with the dreaded non-touching legs, the spider legged misses who could walk over a two foot tall metal pipe in the sidewalk without touching it as their stick-like legs walk on either side of it.

On the sidewalks and crossing the streets to my office another stream of pedestrians passes before the FAs vigilant perusal of the moving masses. Without conscious effort the FA brain processes the flow of fatness, filtering out the anorexic, skinny and near skinny, registering the chubby, examining the bbws, closely focusing on the ssbbws and stopping dumbfounded at the truly unique and special fat women. It is pretty common to see more than a dozen ssbbws and many tens of bbws on my way from the train to my office. However, maybe once a week an amazing woman of such size and shape that the sighting is burned in my memory banks comes into view. Like a wild life photographer laying low in the brush when a pride of lions happens by, all the cameras are turned on and the resolution is increased to maximum.

At lunch time the process continues.. walking from the office to the lunch spot and back. Not surprisingly, many of the bigger woman seem to lunch at the deluxe high end lunch shop I frequent.

Finally, at the end of the day, the trek back to Grand Central completes the cycle. Interestingly, to me, in the morning people move more slowly than they do at night. I used to think this was odd as they were fresher in the morning and more tired at night. However, I believe the answer lies in their desire to head home after work and less motivation to come in and spend the day working in the morning.

I wonder if other FAs do the same. I know that my non FA male friends describe a similar sort of auto-pilot girl watching pattern, though of course they are filtering for a different target type. I wonder if women do the same thing, or at least those women who are turned on by some body or face types of men.

It strikes me as odd that I do this so proficiently and regularly, because it seems to really serve no useful purpose except my own pleasure. In fact I can be thinking about a work problem or sports situation or even romantic situation when the radar cuts in with a ssbbw warning and the eyes already directed at and focused in on some cute fat woman. Is this a creepy voyeurism or a normal pattern of male activity. Let me know what you think.

Today was a day with one of those really special sightings. One that will probably linger in the memory banks for quite some time. As I was rushing for a train, sort of a redundancy since I’m always rushing for a train, I noticed a tall black woman walking ahead of me in the same direction. Some subconscious filtering software in the FA brain focused my eyes on her. Her head, which was all I saw initially, was high, indicating she was about 5’9” or 5’10”, and she was moving relatively rapidly.

As I gained on her (as I said, I was rushing), I noticed that she had a very broad set of shoulders and quite thick arms. But then, a man who was walking behind her and shielding her from view moved out of blocking position and I almost came to a stop from surprise.

This woman had the largest, roundest butt I can recall seeing in a long time. It was extremely wide, but more than that it was also quite high and even deeper in depth extending back beyond the back of her rather huge legs a good foot or more. Surprisingly she didn’t have a shelf, but a well rounded butt that seemed to start about six inches above the spot I would think it would start.

As I pulled even with her, and stopped for a light to change at a corner, I noticed she was with two other black women.. one a ssbbw who probably weighed about 350 pounds but looked like a small child next to this enormous woman. The third woman was merely chubby, but looked like Twiggy next to the other two girls. The three women were chatting volubly and as I looked more closely at the enormous gal, noticed that she was wearing a stretchy pair of pants which highlighted the size and shape of her gargantuan derriere and the sequoia-like thighs and legs. It also outlined her belly which was moderately large and projected out about 6 inches, but relative to the rear end was very small.

Surprisingly, she and the other girls moved at close to the speed I was traveling and without any apparent problems. I’d estimate the women were about 20-25 years old. Looking critically at the big woman, as compared to her 350 pound friend I concluded that she must easily weigh well over 550 pounds and perhaps 600 pounds. Her thighs were surprisingly firm (though easily in the 45 or 50 inch circumference range), as was the derriere, no shaking and shimmying as she walked. I’d estimate that she was close to three feet from the tip of her butt to the front of her belly. For those of you who ask about the top end… not flat chested but clearly relatively petite bosom in comparison to her lower end. Her face, attractive, but not done up in a glamorous fashion.

And then, I crossed the street to head for Grand Central and they continued and soon disappeared from view, but not from memory.

Today I was on a different line of trains than usual and as I found a suitable car in the train I looked for a place to sit. Since there were already a number of people on the train an unoccupied two seater wasn’t an option, so I looked for the aisle seat on a three seater with a single person sitting by the window. I usually look for a big person, either tall or fat to share such a seat with, since my own bulk combined with that of the person on the window is likely to assure no one trying to squeeze between us. After traversing half the car and not finding anything suitable I saw a seat, though the person on the window was a skinny minny. As I moved toward that seat I noticed about 5 rows further a very blond and curly haired woman with a very round, chubby face. So… I moved on and plopped down next to her.. with her bag on the seat between us.

As I settled myself I noticed that she was a ssbbw with a delightfully round belly. She was sitting with her left foot(window side) up on the radiator running along the wall below the window(about ten inches off the floor) and this merely made more room for her substantial rounded belly to hang in front of her. I noticed that she was, apart from the very cathedral-like expanse of her rounded belly dome, a fairly midsized bbw. Her legs were thick but not particularly shapely, her arms mrerely chubby and her bosom present but accounted for with only moderate distinction. Her face was very chubby and cute and she had the very pale skin of a true blonde, with loads of Shirley Temple like curls.

While I guesstimate that she weighed about 325-350, the guess being even less reliable than most since I only saw her sitting in this fashion, what made her so interesting was not the size so much as the position she was sitting in. The position, with the one leg up, allowed her belly to hang freely from her front, particularly as she slithered back a bit, while still keeping up the left foot. For those of you who’ve ridden the commuter rails you know the ride is quite nice, but occasionally a bit bumpy in spots. Well, this was a particularly bumpy ride, and on each bump this lady's belly shaked and shimmied and moved disproportionately with the rest of her body. For the 35 minutes of my ride I chatted with her about the magazine she was reading and the cell phone rudeness surrounding us, and watched that magnificent belly exhibit the mystical pleasures of simple harmonic motion. High School Physics memories of the Teacher humming SHooMMMMMMM flooded back as I watched this living embodiment of the physics concept. I even wondered what her natural resonant frequency is which would cause that belly to vibrate violently and gain in intensity(think the Tacoma Narrows Bridge you ex-Physics students—I believe every Physics student has seen that short film of the bridge twisting and falling down, though not before the guy runs out on the twisting bridge to rescue his dog from the bridge’s fate in the waters.).

And then I left the train and as an FA it was an A+ sighting day.

When I started the blog I had in mind not to “lower myself” to just writing about sightings and see that in recent times I’ve done it on a few occasions. Each time there was something that I thought was significant about it which merited something beyond the ordinary, run of the mill sighting thing. This entry is, however, more about the process than the result, though I have lavished my usual attention on the details of the sightings.

I’ve gotten, when the guys have commented, a strong sense that they can’t get enough of the sightings. From the women I note more of a prevailing sense of creepiness. The sense that they’re pieces of meat on display for some oaf’s prurient single-handed pleasure. However, I believe with confirmation that most guys are the same in their purely visual evaluation of the local “talent”, but focusing on those women that they find physically attractive. One of my female colleagues once related a saying that her grandmother used all the time… “every pot has its cover”. By this she meant that for everyone, no matter what they look like, there is someone who finds them attractive.

I’m confident that guys looking at girls is not a bad thing. It is a bad thing if you’re a stalker or creep someone out by the way in which you look at them. If so many guys do it there must be some deep seated survival of the species reason for this.

I’d love to hear from both the women and the men about their thoughts on the process and how they feel about looking at girls(or men), how regularly they do it, and how they feel about being the person being ogled.


Blogger emily pound said...

Hi Huge,

I don't think your, or any other guy's, looking at large women and admiring their bodies is creepy at all. It's no different than the guys who hang out at the beach and check out all the chicks in bikinis. :-) What a mass of humanity you must see every day going through Grand Central, and on the streets of Manhattan. Doubtless, there are all shapes and sizes and varying poundages for you to survey ... I think you said you noticed that people are getting fatter? That's what all the newspapers say, anyway, with this study and that study, etc. I haven't seen that at all. The number of very large people I see is pretty rare. Most of them seem to be in the 250-350 range, which to isn't really that big.

What about women in your workplace? Are there any large lovelies there who keep your eyes busy? :-)

13/6/06 8:51 AM  
Blogger hugehugefan said...

Welcome Emily:

In answer to your questions, I see lots of people who are much bigger than your 250-350 range. Just this morning I saw two women who were above 500 pounds walking together down the street. Though I suspect walking very poorly describes all the movement that was going on as they ambled quite slowly down the crowded sidewalk, with the masses of much smaller humanity going around them like the river's water spreading to avoid an island in the middle. There bodies shaked and shimmied and wobbled as they confidently moseyed along. In addition, there were a significant number of women clearly pushing 400 pounds or over that.

Perhaps it is a numbers game.. seeing so many people. I was trying to estimate today how many people I saw in my walk from the train to my desk and didn't have a very good sense of actual numbers, not even within an order of magnitude. It was pretty clear that it was much more than 1000, but it wasn't clear if it was near or over 10,000. I will have to think about this some more and apply my engineering trained mind to the problem. If forced to guess I'd say it was closer to 5,000 than 10,000, but I suppose that's a pretty huge number. And if I add in the lunch walk and the end of the day dash the 10,000 figure is probably about right.

On a related point, at one time I was noticing that there were seemingly an incredibly high percentage of essentially flat chested women on the street. So, I tried to get a sense of a count between those who were either totally flat-chested or essentially flat-chested versus those who exhibited some bosomry and discovered that more than 50% of the women I saw the two days I tried doing the count(until I lost count)were of the flat chested variety. It should be noted that both days I lost count when a woman of such abundance in her bosom sashayed by that my brain reset and I lost interest in counting her less amply endowed sisters.

In my workplace, surprisingly, there are no large lovelies, though in the building there are a few women of size. However, in the building across the street there are at least 3 women I espy on a regular basis who work in the building who are well over 450 pounds with one clearly over 500.

Is this a great country or what?

13/6/06 9:34 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

I think your girl watching proccess is what every FA does.

In my town there are not that many women 350lbs-and up. I always look for good big butts.

13/6/06 5:50 PM  
Blogger hugehugefan said...

Dear Bob:

Your comment was interesting to me and in fact today I was trying to get a better handle on how many people I actually see in a single day on my normal routine of walking from the train to the office, out for lunch and then back to the train at the end of the day.

I discovered that it was impossible to be completely accurate, but in the morning I figured that there must have been several thousand folks in Grand Central Terminal... probably about 3,000 during the rush hour, and another 2 or 3,000 more on my way to the office. At lunch time I don't walk as far and probably no more than a few hundred, though of course today I walked to Grand Central Terminal and saw probably over 5,000 more in walking there, in the terminal, waiting to meet someone at the round clock in the middle of the main room with the vaulted Zodiac ceiling, and then walking back. I didn't head back to Grand Central until quite late, after 8:30 and there were far fewer people on the street, but at least 2000 more in the terminal. So I'm estimating at least 10-12,000 people seen in one day. I'm willing to bet that someone living in a smaller town is unlikely to see such a large cross section of humanity in a day unless they work in a busy mall or at a busy train or bus station. Or perhaps a baseball stadium as a ticket taker or usher.

Perhaps that explains why I tend to see more bigger folks, since there are fewer of them in the general population, but enough so that with such large numbers of folks they appear. The beauty of probability and statistics.

BTW, the SSBBW who works in the next building and is clearly over 500 pounds was sighted on the street today wearing a dress that was so skin tight and stretchy that either she gained an inordinate amount of weight recently, or was showing off her body's curves. Here's hoping that she has someone special she was dressing for who she knew would be turned on by her dress. Well, apart from me.. since of course I'm not special to her.

13/6/06 11:05 PM  
Blogger emily pound said...

huge, and huge's readers,

go to fattymcblog ( and read the post "Hogzilla!" and the article mentioned. I would love to hear your comments.

14/6/06 10:20 AM  
Blogger hugehugefan said...

Dear Emily

check out the new post on the subjectof Hogging


19/6/06 10:44 PM  

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