Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New Directions

As I've thought about ways to take the blog in new directions now that I've gotten out the things that had to get out, I've been doing a variety of things. One, I convinced myself that I could satisfy myself with shorter pieces without affecting the esthetic of the blog. One of my friends said something which rang true. It's your blog and you have to be happy with it. While I aim to please and am pleased to make others happy, I try to make it pleasurable for me too. So, I've got a couple of new things coming up in the short term.

First, one of my joys is eating and attempting to recreate the intense and fabulous pleasure of eating in a textual fashion. By now, anyone who's read a few of the posts knows that my prose tends to avoid Hemingway like spareness or simplicity for the rubenesque abundance of poshly padded parlance. In simpler terms, I like to babble in multi-syllabic, multi-phrase sentences. Some have gone so far as to suggest that some of my food related writing might be called food porn since it is so sensorily oriented. If it is, so be it.

On occasion I've posted a few of these pieces on the Dimchat Foodie Board, and recently have done so with a long form piece that I split into two sections. Typed in Word these two pieces are each about 6 pages long. But, with the power of the blog I have considered putting it together as a single piece. But, I think it would be too much in one session to read and have decided to put it in here as two separate pieces, like on the Boards to allow you a chance to read the first part, get all hot and sweaty and hungry and then cool yourself off a bit before moving on the climax of the story. So, that will follow, with the captions Le Bernardin Beckons I and II.

For those of you not from NY or dedicated foodies, Le Bernardin has been a four star New York Times rated restaurant since its opening more than a decade ago. In the most recent Zagat's it has the highest overall rating of any restaurant in New York City, a pretty lofty perch. It also happens to be one of my favorite restaurants both because of the food and the service and the way in which fat people are treated to comfortable seating in a discreet and inviting way.

Second, I've been formulating a post that will be related to some of the other X-Fat folks that I've conversed with over the years, without providing too much information which might identify them, since there seems to be a general fascination with people who are so much larger than the "average" person and several times bigger than even the larger ssbbws and bhm's. Of the various areas that the commenting readers have pointed to this is clearly the most popular one. I've asked our contributing X-Fat friend to join in but she's been kinda slow in responding with something bloggable due to a move of her abode and the resultant activity. However, I can report that she's doing fine and even appears to have gained more weight.

So, in the next day or so, to allow some of you to read this first, I'll post the two Le Bernardin pieces and then, hopefully shortly the X-Fat Chronicles.


Anonymous Endomorphophile said...

I was really excited to see that you are more actively taking up blogging again.

As someone who loves food and loves to cook, I look forward to your foodie blogs almost as equally as I do to your further stories about the x-fat.

Take care, and enjoy the holidays.

24/12/06 11:47 AM  

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