Tuesday, October 23, 2007


As the dying of the warmth of summer progresses and the first cool tinges of fall coolness leak into the area, the FAs season of dreams comes to a close. This morning was a last summer fling with the temperature sufficiently warm that only the most calendar-centric dresser had on any outer garment, whether sweater or coat. The summer fashions were in ripe bloom and this FA was in righteous reverence of the coming end of a season.

The obesity epidemic has become pandemic if you listen to the solons of the media and organized(diet industry supported) medicine. My observations, more empirical than statistical suggest that this is of course an gross expedition in hyperbole and bullshit. Yes, there are many more fat people than there used to be, and many of the fat people are extraordinarily fat. But, the vast majority of the folks on the street(and certainly in Manhattan—New York County and what most people from out of town consider NYC) are not fat. They’re anywhere from anorexically miniscule to skinny to what passes for BMI normal to perhaps a few pounds beyond that.

But, the thing which has changed so dramatically in the last 5-10 years is that the fat people are not invisible. Well, for me they were never invisible, no matter how hard they tried to hide themselves in black and other stealthy clothing. But, I’ve noticed that most of the fat women on the streets are wearing much more attractive and size and curve revealing clothing than they used to. Yes, there are still 450 pound women with enormous butts wearing black polyester pants in the hopes that no one will notice(and they walk gingerly so as to avoid any eye contact with others). But, there are multitudes of women in all sizes of large who are gloriously and sensually clad in ways which highlight their physical charms. Without channeling the creepy side of FA adoration of sexy fat women, there were women wearing snug light colored pants which hugged their ample, curvy hips and delightfully demispherical derrieres, bountifully bellied beauties proudly presenting primely pulchritudinous paunches, magically mountainous mams worn proudly and without minimization enhanced in softly gathered tops which made these women’s electric endowments entirely examinable. All of the shapes we FAs find desirable, from hourglass to pear shaped, apple shaped to triangular, thighcentric to bellyrific, armtastic, breastmagorical and chinsational, are out on display.

The biggest difference.. no, it’s not the clothing, and no, it’s not the size(though both of these have improved over the years), it’s the attitudes. The new fat women KNOW they look good. They know that there are many who won’t find them attractive and in fact will be grossed out by them. But, they don’t care about these fatphobes and fathaters.. because they know that there are many men out there(and I suppose women too), who find their fat, fabulous forms to be the things of beauty that they see when they try on that new outfit and find that yeah.. it does make them look fat.. but not just fat, incredibly beautifully fat, amazingly delightfully fat, totally hot fat, simply gloriously and abundantly fat. And that fat.. it’s a good thing. It’s a thing to be displayed and taken pride in, not hidden or covered or made invisible.

And as an FA who takes the greatest pride in watching lovely fat women come into their own and acknowledge, accept and own their own beauty I can't express clearly enough the joy that I get from watching a fat woman really showing off her body with an attitude that says... I know that I'm hot, that I'm beautiful, that men of real discriminating taste find me attractive, arousing and all that. It really makes me feel personally all warm and fuzzy inside.

The biggest change that so many fat women have to deal with is that they have to move from feeling that they’re not objects of derision or hate or ugliness or invisibility, but beauty. Their beauty is not necessarily what they’ll find on the cover of Cosmo or the centerfold of Playboy, but it is a vibrant, sexy beauty that is their own. And there are many of us FAs out there that are living in the golden age for FAs where the fat women we adore are coming to grips with the bullshit that society is laying on them and fighting back to lay claim to their bodies, self images and sense of pride in their shapes and sizes.

And all I can say is Amen.


Blogger Charlotte said...

Sounds about right to me.

24/10/07 2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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20/2/10 12:31 PM  
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Blogger Reg said...

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17/10/11 12:07 AM  

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